Maex Ament, the co-founder of Taulia and more recently, Centrifuge,  has joined Greensill as vice chairman of product and technology. He is the latest and highest-profile in a wave of recent hires funded by over $1.4bn of investment in Greensill by Softbank.

In June the company hired Sean Hanafin from Standard Chartered as executive chair, followed quickly by Neil Garrod, Vodafone’s group treasury director, to be CFO. Since then recruitment has accelerated as Greensill builds out its team in London, with Tim Shell and Alistair Baxter hired from trade and supply chain finance roles at RBS in September.

In a statement, Greensill linked the Ament hire to its acquisition of FreeUp, a technology company that is developing software that will enable workers to receive early payment for wages.

Ament himself said he was, “…very excited about taking the company to the next level — particularly regarding our plans to completely change the way ordinary employees are paid for the work they do every day. There has been little in the way of improving employee payment for generations, and an innovative approach to this problem is long overdue.”

Greensill CEO Lex Greensill said Ament, “Brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to Greensill, and we look forward to having him lead our technology and innovation to help democratise access to capital for businesses and employees all over the world.”