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How AI divides opinion in supply chain finance industry

The use of AI in supply chain finance has divided opinion at the SCF Forum Europe this year with industry leaders unable to agree on whether it will live up to the hype surrounding its potential.

Local presence key as SCF enters complex countries

SCF can provide essential finance for supporting the growth of companies in “complex countries”, argue panellists at SCF Forum Europe.

Fintechs shift focus to sustainability in supply chains

Financial technology companies are ramping up their focus on ‘sustainable’ supply chain finance that helps maintain the health of the entire supply chain.

Retailers promote use of SCF to help suppliers grow

Retailers tell SCF Forum Europe how they used supply chain finance to ensure their key suppliers can afford to stay with them as they develop.

Moody’s raises questions about SCF disclosure

Greater clarity from regulators and increased disclosure by companies is needed in order to prevent misuse of SCF, insists Moody's.

SCF to play a “strategic” role in uncertain climate

SCF programmes are increasingly being used as a “strategic” move to mitigate the risks supply chains face in today’s uncertain climate.