There is a growing need for more collaboration between finance, procurement and logistics to meet the needs of today’s global supply chains, urged Michiel Steeman, executive director of the SCF Community.

Speaking at the opening of the SCF Forum Europe in Amsterdam,  Steeman said he wanted to move the SCF market on to include more dialogue and cooperation with companies and people involved in the physical supply chains as well as the financial supply chain.

“We need a holistic approach to bringing [it all] together,” he told delegates.

He added he wanted to see more “inclusivity” in supply chain finance, explaining the financing tool can and should be used to help provide financing to smaller companies in the supply chain that are often excluded from financing sources or typically face high funding costs.

He added that the SCF Community was developing new research to assess the current size and scope of today’s supply chain finance market and is looking for companies to participate. He called out to delegates to participate in the research explaining how having hard data on SCF is needed to back up industry claims of the market’s success.

There are currently 4-5 companies involved so far and the research project will begin once 20 companies have committed to it.

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