Looking beyond Greensill

At the beginning of this month the news broke about the problems at Greensill. Like everybody else we were keen to understand what was going on, but more importantly we wanted to understand the potential [...]

The neglected angle in the Greensill coverage: big data and future receivables

How did Greensill leap from short term invoice based financing to long-term funding of power plants? Why was Son and his vision fund investing so heavily in Greensill? Why did Greensill launch Earnd? It seems [...]

Supply Chain Finance is mature now

The Greensill debacle put the supply chain finance market to test. And what happened? Nada, niente, nichts, niks. Really nothing. Surely not what journalist like to write. And admittedly, Greensill does make a colorful story. [...]

Mystique around SCF has to go

Was Greensill misusing the SCF label? Just because someone calls it supply chain finance does not make it so. But then what is supply chain finance and what is not? Over these past days we [...]

Greensill collapse has nothing to do with Supply Chain Finance.

It is the 2018 quote by Lex Greensill himself that sums it all up.   "The structure is the same whether it’s a seven-day trade receivable or a 12-year aeroplane lease cash flow or indeed [...]

Watch back all of our webinars from 2020

In 2020 we launched a series of webinars on the hottest topic in the SCF industry. If you missed any of them, you can watch them back! Here is the full list. http://scfacademy.org/briefing/webinar-report-three-key-lessons-for-supply-chain-finance-programmes/ http://scfacademy.org/briefing/distributor-financing-the-other-side-of-scf/ http://scfacademy.org/briefing/webinar-report-new-ways-to-finance-smes/ [...]

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How AI divides opinion in supply chain finance industry

The use of AI in supply chain finance has divided opinion at the SCF Forum Europe this year with industry leaders unable to agree on whether it will live up to the hype surrounding its potential.

Local presence key as SCF enters complex countries

SCF can provide essential finance for supporting the growth of companies in “complex countries”, argue panellists at SCF Forum Europe.

Fintechs shift focus to sustainability in supply chains

Financial technology companies are ramping up their focus on ‘sustainable’ supply chain finance that helps maintain the health of the entire supply chain.

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