Supply Chain Finance: research challanges ahead

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Working Paper

Van der Vliet, Kasper
Reindorp, Matthew J.
Fransoo, Jan C.
Publication year:

As intermediaries of capital and related services expand their of- ferings, Supply Chain Finance (SCF) has enjoyed considerable attention from industry. Trade literature and scientific studies posit the aim of SCF to be the reduction of capital costs through a reconfiguration of financial flows. The latest developments in industry and research suggest, however, that the di- mensions of SCF are more complex. We highlight trends that widen the range of trade-offs to be considered in an SCF initiative, and exemplify the relevance of these trends through a case study of two European firms. While both firms aim to generate value from their SCF initiative, their approaches show different attitudes towards supply chain risk and the opportunity to customise supplier relations.We present a conceptual framework that positions SCF practices and shows the need for further research on strategic and tactical considerations.

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