Credit Risk Evaluation of Online Supply Chain Finance Based on Third-party B2B E-commerce Platform : an Exploratory Research Based on China ’ s Practice

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Journal Article

Shi, Jinzhao
Guo, Ju
Wang, Shubin
Wang, Zhanhao
Publication year:

With reference to the characteristics of online supply chain finance, this paper establishes a credit rating index system for the loan enterprise in the online supply chain finance that is based on the third-party B2B e-commerce platform. The system applies the multi-level gray evaluation model based on the Theil index to make a comprehensive evaluation on the credit of the loan enterprise and tests the model’s feasibility through the analyses of numerical example. The evaluation model overcomes the subjectivity of weight distribution to index and presents the degree (from excellent to poor) of indices on each hierarchy distinctly so as to enable banks to take risk control specifically in operation.

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