Viewpoint: A Volatile World Requires Better Use of Data

The successful harnessing and sharing of data will be key to the survival of businesses as the Covid crisis deepens across Europe.  After a summer of relative freedom, the threat of a second wave of [...]

  • 3 lessons learned from SCF

Webinar Report: Three key lessons for supply chain finance programmes.

Three lessons have emerged from research into almost a decade of supplier finance data, according to TUM’s Professor David Wuttke. Speaking during the SCF Community’s latest online event, sponsored by Orbian and entitled What's driving [...]

Webinar report: Distributor Financing: The other side of SCF

Using supply chain finance to support suppliers has been standard practice for multinationals for years - but using similar tools to deliver finance to the distribution channel is still a relatively new phenomenon. In the [...]

Problems with late payments escalate amid Covid-19 crisis

Buyers are increasingly paying invoices late as they struggle to manage their working capital amid the global Covid-19 crisis, preliminary research from the SCF Community shows. Corporate payment practices have worsened during the Covid-19 crisis [...]

Webinar report: New ways to finance SMEs

Supplier finance providers are tapping into a wealth of data to offer funding to suppliers earlier and faster than ever before, according to the panellists at the latest online event from the Supply Chain Finance [...]

Webinar: Overcoming the challenge of onboarding in supply chain finance programmes.

Indian retail and apparel giant Aditya Birla has onboarded more than 500 suppliers to an early payment programme it launched at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Rahul Desai, SVP Treasury, said the use of [...]

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How AI divides opinion in supply chain finance industry

The use of AI in supply chain finance has divided opinion at the SCF Forum Europe this year with industry leaders unable to agree on whether it will live up to the hype surrounding its potential.

Local presence key as SCF enters complex countries

SCF can provide essential finance for supporting the growth of companies in “complex countries”, argue panellists at SCF Forum Europe.

Fintechs shift focus to sustainability in supply chains

Financial technology companies are ramping up their focus on ‘sustainable’ supply chain finance that helps maintain the health of the entire supply chain.

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