Supply Chains Must Be More ‘Resilient’ and ‘Responsive’ Post-Covid 19

Supply chain management professor Xiande Zhao outlines recommendations to help Chinese businesses weather the pandemic Businesses in China must learn from their experiences of the devastating impact of Covid-19 to ensure their supply chains are [...]

Pandemic Will Heighten Need for SCF for Small Businesses in Italy

Discussions around Covid-19 impact dominated the annual SCF Observatory Conference Supply chain finance could provide much-needed liquidity to small businesses in Italy struggling with the impact of Covid-19 and facing an increase in cancelled orders [...]

Webinar: Coping with COVID-19 – Supporting your supply chain in a crisis

The Covid-19 crisis means many smaller businesses are desperate for the liquidity offered by supplier finance, but access to funding may become difficult. Rewatch the webinar at the bottom of the page ‘We’re seeing more [...]

Viewpoint: as the tragic global health crisis of Covid-19 becomes an economic one too, there is an urgent need to improve the resilience of our supply chains. 

The scale of the human tragedy of the Covid-19 outbreak unfolding around the globe can often seem overwhelming. Who could anticipate the speed at which the virus took hold over one country after another? National [...]

SCF Personalities: Sunil Mascarenhas, supply chain finance relationship manager, Asian Development Bank

ADB’s SCF evangelist is keen to expand the reach of supplier finance in Asian markets, he tells SCF Briefing - and technology will be a key part of that mission. When Sunil Mascarenhas moved to [...]

SCF Personalities: Ad Rietberg, founder of Agri-Wallet

Ad Rietberg, founder of fintech Agri-Wallet, wants to make a positive impact on the agricultural sector, improving the lives of small farmers and looking after the environment.  It quickly becomes evident when talking to Ad [...]

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How AI divides opinion in supply chain finance industry

The use of AI in supply chain finance has divided opinion at the SCF Forum Europe this year with industry leaders unable to agree on whether it will live up to the hype surrounding its potential.

Local presence key as SCF enters complex countries

SCF can provide essential finance for supporting the growth of companies in “complex countries”, argue panellists at SCF Forum Europe.

Fintechs shift focus to sustainability in supply chains

Financial technology companies are ramping up their focus on ‘sustainable’ supply chain finance that helps maintain the health of the entire supply chain.

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